About South View Upper Elementary School








About Our Administrators

Lindsey Prunkard is the principal of South View Upper  Elementary School which houses all of District No.118’s fifth and sixth grade  students. Ms. Prunkard has spent her entire education career as a teacher and administrator with Danville District 118. As a former assistant principal at South View, she is excited to be returning in a leadership role and ready to continue creating a safe and rigorous learning environment for our students and staff.

Assistant Principals Kristin Shanks and Tanner DeLaurier will continue to complete our administrative team.

About Our School

The school is located on the south side of Danville, next to the famed Danville Stadium, the original home of the farm team for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The school was originally built in 1963 as one of three junior high schools.  The school hosted students in 7th through 9th grade and a staff of 60. In 1980, South View changed to a middle school concept. In the spring of 2016, D118 re-organized the district and the school now is host to all of Danville's fifth and sixth grade students. 

The school offers all core curricular classes such as math, science, social studies, and language arts. The school also offers, as part of the daily schedule, art, band, orchestra, choir, technical arts, Project Lead The Way, computers, and physical education.

South View also has a proud history of excellence in extracurricular sports and clubs. Our extracurricular activities will help students build a foundation of skills and enrich the learning process. 

South View Upper Elementary School and Danville District 118 are committed to providing a sound and well-rounded education for all students.