Uniform Standard of Dress 2016-2017
Standard of Dress Code Image
Revised 2016-2017 Uniform Standard of Dress

Some changes have been made to the DCCSD 118 Uniform Standard of Dress by the school board for the 2016-2017 school year.

Students may wear the following types of shirts, sweatshirts, and tops:

• Any solid colored shirt with a collar. 
• Any dress pants or khakis are allowed. No jeans or athletic  pants are allowed. 
Dresses/Jumpers:Students may wear dresses and jumpers subject to the following restrictions:

• A dress must have short or long sleeves.
• A jumper must have a shirt underneath that meets the requirements of shirts/tops listed above.
• Tights, leggings, and jeggings may be worn in solid colors under a dress or jumper (tights, leggings and jeggings must be solid navy blue, black, white, gray, brown or tan/khaki in color). Tights or leggings may not be worn without a dress over them. 
• No low cut.
• No flannel/fleece.
• No sweatpants/wind fabrics.
• No denim.
• No leather.
• No mesh.

Additional Standards of Dress:
• Belts may be worn.
• No flip-flops or house slippers may be worn.
• Footwear must have a closed heel or back strap.
• Dress scarves may be worn.
• Jackets may be worn in classrooms due to variations in building temperatures — no hoods are allowed.
• Kenneth D. Bailey Academy follows the Grade 9-12 guidelines.
• No hoodies are allowed.